Fragmentary or even missing communications are a sign that an organization or enterprise may be in a state of crisis. Only at that time both internal and external stakeholders will start paying close attention to that. Communication in extraordinary situations is subject to special dynamics and thus special processes. The awareness of that fact is of great concern for the mastery of crises.

The cognitive performance of people suffers greatly under stress. Metacom GmbH is specializing in developing and reviewing communication concepts. The focus of these processes lies on the communication psychology aspects. The methodological concept of metacom conditions individuals, groups or staffs and prepares them specifically for worst case scenarios.

The cooperation of STRAGART and metacom enables important synergies to be used. Operational crisis management is being connected to emergency communications while both remain independent processes. STRAGART and metacom guarantee a very high efficiency in achieving mutually set goals by a series of practical and complex practice scenarios.



The vast majority of risks are manageable, provided you anticipate – and keep anticipating – them. Even unthinkable scenarios can be mitigated through good preparation. But how many managers really have the time to focus – and stay focused – on these crucial issues in the maelstrom of daily business?

RIMAS Risk Management Consulting & Services Ltd (rimas) has a simple value proposition: We bring fresh perspectives to clients seeking to protect their performance, (intellectual) property, assets and interests worldwide. This includes helping organisations to navigate their risk landscape and equipping staff with the skills they need to stay sovereign in hostile or challenging situations. We specialise in enabling you to manage risks and identify opportunities you may never have had time to think about.

The cooperation of STRAGART and rimas enables important synergies to be used based on same values. Operational management education and training on one side is being connected to effective risk, incident and crisis management as well as support services on the other side while both remain independent processes. 

STRAGART and rimas guarantee a very high efficiency in achieving the with client mutually set goals by a series of practical and complex practice scenarios.